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The Impact Of Using Multimedia


King Saud University

This study contains the subsequent questions; The effect of using multimedia on students’ academic achievement within the computer or online classes & its use within the educational curriculum.

Practical Differences

Are there any practical differences between the typical marks of the experimental group & that of the control group within the pre & post classes of the scholars and academic achievement within the school of Education? At this end, an experiment of two equal groups designed, one among the groups is experimental & the opposite is control; each of them consists of 15 female students. The lecture was given to the primary group employing a computer presentation program that uses multimedia as an experimental group. In contrast, the second group given an equivalent address using local world rule by lecture method, which uses the dialogue & discussion technique treated as an impact group.

Two Groups

Both groups were subjected to pre & post-tests within the subject by the lecture. The analysis results of the test showed no differences, which successively proves the equality of the two groups. Meanwhile, the analysis results of the post and pre-test showed the following: There are differences between the experimental group and, therefore, the control,l group at a significance level of 0.07 for the interest of the experimental group.

According to Researchers

The researchers think that multimedia is one of the most straightforward educational techniques within the world for the scholars to know than that of the local lecture given to the scholars because it addresses quite one sense also as because it addresses the senses of sight & hearing. Multimedia programs provide different stimuli within the presentations of the scholars, which incorporates a variety of elements,nts. Like texts, spea aking words, music pictures & animations, etc., which goes to be beneficial for the scholars…

These elements were placed within the sense of presentation so on provide adequate education for the 9+scholars, which successively will support the participation of the various reasons of the learners & students in diverse syllabus. A number of the benefits of those programs are following;

Benefits of Multimedia

  • Presenting different drawings & pictures supports the ideas of scholars & communication information.
  • Moving quickly from a given subject to a different provides an honest chance for questions & discussions.
  • Using different presentations like video clips alongside maps or other forms of presentations helps scholars.
  • They can raise the eye & interaction between the students& the tutorial subjects.
  • They contain the weather of interest & suspense.
  • They are consistent with the student’s abilities from natural to difficult ones of the lectures.
  • They provide teachers with a replacement way with educational style, &encourage them.
  • They help teachers & students to seem into topics from a broader perspective as each issue comprises enormous formation. 
  • They guide learners to see learning and reading and seeking.
  • They are concerned with providing simultaneous feedback for scholars.
  • They help students to recollect & transfer their knowledge to other ones.


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